Movie Distributors Leave the Bronx Out in the Cold

My friend and I decided to look through the movie listings in the Bronx, where my she lives and I was visiting, to find out where those films were playing. Lo and behold, neither Lincoln or Argo, nor a single one of the serious Oscar-nominated films were playing anywhere in the vicinity. The vast majority of the films in local movie houses were explicitly violent.

argo_bannedBy Wanda Mercado, Colin Powell Center Administrative Director

When asked, “what are you doing this weekend?” my response was merely, “a friend and I are planning to catch a movie”—either Lincoln or Argo, both Oscar-nominated films. Once the Oscar list is published, this is something that we, like so many other people, routinely do each year: We make an effort to see each of the major movies in advance of the awards. The top movies this year are complex; they evoke lots of human emotions and address complicated issued. One leaves thinking: “Let’s follow up with coffee and a long conversation to dissect the essence of the film.” Continue reading “Movie Distributors Leave the Bronx Out in the Cold”