Volunteering in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative

Before going out to volunteer in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) Day of Action, I had spoken to other volunteers who echoed sentiments similar to my own—regret at not being able to help earlier, frustration over the lack of accessibility to affected areas, the difficulty of connecting to an organization that needed more than just money, and the feelings of inadequacy in tackling the larger problems of recovering electricity and heat to families in need. The CGI Day of Action answered some of those frustrations.

Volunteering with the Clinton Global Intiative's Day of Action
Volunteering with CGI’s Day of Action in the Rockaways answered some of the frustrations about wanting to help with the post-Sandy recovery.

By Simone Gordon

The hurricane’s appearance may have been short but its effects will be long-lasting. Approaching the Rockaways, one could already witness Sandy’s devastating impact: empty stores, marked-off houses designated as too dangerous for habitation, and signs attached to poles that read “FEMA, we need your assistance!” I felt like I was entering another country and became aware of nature’s unequal distribution of effects. My own community was largely unharmed by the hurricane. The Rockaways were not as fortunate. Continue reading “Volunteering in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative”