Framing and Deepening the Hurricane Sandy Response

The crisis of Sandy still serves as a catalyst to engage students in in-depth discussions on everything from the appropriate role of government, public resources, and infrastructure planning and development to scientists’ growing concern about climate change and disaster preparedness. In light of the urgency of the lasting crisis, how do we reconcile the bureaucracy of higher education timetables with the real-time needs of next-door neighbors and citizens, and expedite services? How do we make use of large-scale student resources and labor while remaining mindful of the students and staff who have been personally affected by the storm?

By Genéa Stewart, Director of Service-Learning

With the start of the new semester, service-learning practitioners across New York and New Jersey have a distinct opportunity to leverage the matchless teachable moment created by Hurricane Sandy for social change. But how exactly? When? What factors should educators and advocates consider in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy? How should we talk with our students?

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Toward “Just Relationships”: Tania Mitchell at NYMAPS

Tania Mitchell challenged practitioners to set the bar higher and to make “social justice” an explicit goal of service-learning at the 2012 NYMAPS Symposium.

Tania Mitchell, Director of Service Learning in the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, deliers the 2012 NYMAPS keynote.
Tania Mitchell delivers the 2012 NYMAPS keynote address.

Though it happened several weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about Tania D. Mitchell’s keynote address at the 2012 NYMAPS* Symposium. Mitchell, a Stanford-based educator, has become a touchstone in the field of service-learning for her willingness to address the unspoken assumptions of the field. For faculty, community partners, and administrators, Mitchell’s directness has brought new freshness, energy, and yes, authenticity to the now-established pedagogy.

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