Volunteering in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative

Before going out to volunteer in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) Day of Action, I had spoken to other volunteers who echoed sentiments similar to my own—regret at not being able to help earlier, frustration over the lack of accessibility to affected areas, the difficulty of connecting to an organization that needed more than just money, and the feelings of inadequacy in tackling the larger problems of recovering electricity and heat to families in need. The CGI Day of Action answered some of those frustrations.

Volunteering with the Clinton Global Intiative's Day of Action
Volunteering with CGI’s Day of Action in the Rockaways answered some of the frustrations about wanting to help with the post-Sandy recovery.

By Simone Gordon

The hurricane’s appearance may have been short but its effects will be long-lasting. Approaching the Rockaways, one could already witness Sandy’s devastating impact: empty stores, marked-off houses designated as too dangerous for habitation, and signs attached to poles that read “FEMA, we need your assistance!” I felt like I was entering another country and became aware of nature’s unequal distribution of effects. My own community was largely unharmed by the hurricane. The Rockaways were not as fortunate. Continue reading “Volunteering in the Rockaways with the Clinton Global Initiative”

Syed Haider is recognized at Biomedical Research Conference

On Wednesday, November 7th Syed Haider, a current Partners for Change Health Justice fellow, departed for an all-expenses paid trip to San Jose, California. Syed was selected as a Travel Grant Awardee to attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students. On Saturday morning at 8am, Syed presented his research on neurotrauma in front of a crowd of over sixty people. Despite some initial nerves at presenting in front of such a large crowd, Syed said he was able to relax by focusing on the four people in the very first row. He also pointed out that presenting his viewpoints to Leader in Resident, Shena Elrington, and the other Health Justice fellows at their weekly seminars was great preparation for this public speaking event.

Syed’s presentation, “Increased solute permeability across an in vitro blood brain barrier after blast over exposure,” described his team’s research mimicking the conditions of a blast on an in vitro blood brain barrier model using a mouse brain. After simulating the blast, they investigated its effect on the integrity of the brain structure. Disruption of the brain barrier is particularly precarious because its main function is to block toxins from entering the brain, leaving it more susceptible to toxins after a disrupting blast. The most exciting part of the research for Syed was the fact that this type has never been done before so it leaves open many opportunities for future research. Continue reading “Syed Haider is recognized at Biomedical Research Conference”

Alumni Profile: Sela Hong ’12

Sela Hong (Colin Powell Fellow ’12) did not walk the narrow path to the Powell Center. Some students come to the Center as though shot from a cannon; this was always where they were destined to end up. Sela, however, happened upon the Powell Center by chance, a fortunate coincidence indeed.

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The Community Engagement Coalition: Launch & Website

Since October of 2012, student and faculty leaders from various fields of the City College of New York have been meeting to address the concerns of Stop & Frisk within the Harlem community. This group of individuals have since formed the Community Engagement Coalition, and as their first project launched the Campaign to End Stop & Frisk.

Here is their official website.